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Nattukottai Chettiars settled at town of Kaveripoompatinam (Poompuhar) throughout the Chola Kingdom at the request of the Chola King. The primary reason behind the petition was, Nattukottai Chettiars were small business people.
Chettiars were powerful sea faring merchants and investors and lived at the port city (Nagaram) of Poompuhar and wished to be referred as Nagarathars to distinguish them sort the most Chetty traders who dwelt. They thrived so when successful businessmen, wealth and the wealth grew rapidly which caused among lots of including the Chola King.
Throughout the rule of King Poovandhi Cholan, an incident occurred that been the turning point for all nagarathars. The King fell inlove (just one sided affair) with a new beautiful nagarathar girl and wished to wed. However, her parents and your ex refused.
The King announced a wedding , was very uncooperative and ordered to proceed with the union. When the king came in the brides' put on your day of the union, he had family members fled the former night, the girl, her parents and a surprise . The King believed that it had been an insult and also vowed revenge.
The Welcome of pandya King
Unable to withstand the Chola King's torture, the Nagarathars chose to leave, but where? This was once the Pandya King came to their rescue. Recognizing Lakshmi the Goddess of Wealth and their talents he welcomed them to his Kingdom near Madurai. Pandya tribe gave them collectively the property of Chettinad and also this is their home has been assembled by now most of the nagarathars and also is spread around 80 villages really where.
Growth interval (1100 - 1800AD)
During this age, the nagarathars flourished and continued their transaction. They were bankers, and also their business propagate across South East Asia. When Burma was conquered by British, there clearly was a requirement for rice Europe. Should they cultivated the land and paid taxes an action that has been passed during the Civil Rule gave the Burmese the name of ownership. As a result of this action provided the locals to buy fertilizer and seed who financed them? This is the place where the Nagarathars came in; they certainly were good in finance commerce and low interest rates that are offered. They got their lands , when Burmese failed to cover the mortgage.
Rise following of Emprire, World war - two and Burmese freedom, all contributed to the lose of their nagarathars' assets and they had to come back to your home land. They'd transferred capital back again to Chettinad, Although they lost resources abroad.