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Reviews Of Navagio Or Shipwreck, Zakynthos

Rumours are nonetheless, that MV Panagiotis spent her latter years as a smuggling ship working contraband. The ship initially named St Bedan, was a Coaster General Cargo ship built within the Scott & Sons Bowling Yard in Glasgow for J & A Gardner.
Kakassinas, in Thessaloniki, Greece, they changed the ship’s name from St Bedan to Meropi, but the name didn’t final lengthy and a year later is was modified to Charis. Shortly after, in 1974, the ship was bought again to N.S.Kalfas, Thessaloniki, Greece, and the the ship’s name modified as soon as more, this time to Nicos. This mesmerizing place is one of the most popular sights of Zante, and you can see why. The unbelievable formation of white sand and stone, fantastic turquoise waters, and an enormous rusty shipwreck make this place one of a form. The Zakynthos Informer is a Facebook group that was created in 2010. It is a portal through which to disseminate information of a neighborhood and nationwide nature that's of interest to both residents, and tourists who visit the island of Zakynthos in Greece. The group has been a helpful resource for visitors, for a few years, who can uncover a wealth of data referring to the island, as well as wider elements of Greece.
The group now has round sixteen thousand members, from all over the world. It’s extensively reported that on the 01 October 1980 the MV Panagiotis was on her approach to Turkey with a freight of contraband cigarettes. During its route it was noticed by the Greek Navy and swiftly pursued within the course of the Ionian islands, as the MV Panagiotis tried to outrun the Navy, they encountered bad weather introduced on by storms.

  • It’s been used in 1000's of newspaper and magazine articles, appeared on TV adverts and photographed by individuals from all over the world.

T. Katsaron, Thessaloniki, Greece, who once more changed the name, to MV Panagiotis– the last name change. It wasn’t long after, on 01 October 1980, that the MV Panagiotis met her last destiny of being wrecked on the island of Zakynthos. Throughout its service the ship acted primarily as a Coastal Trading Vessel . These ships had been used for movement of trade between multiple places. They were built with shallow hulls that allowed them to pass by way of areas that different ships couldn’t.
The MV Panagiotis was swept in direction of Zakynthos and ran aground on the seaside it now sits upon. The crew deserted ship to evade the Greek Navy, however nobody is aware of what occurred to them. In 1964 the ship left the UK after being bought by Gigilinis & S.

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As you can see on the map, most towns and resorts are located in the south while Navagio is in the northwestern half. There are a few ways to get there, every differing in costs, time and mode of transport.