Sauvage Christian Dior Cologne

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This has a lot to do with BDC having a smokey incense note whereas Sauvage has extra a musky earthy/green notice much like A&F Fierce. The fresh sharp high-notes of the bergamot and pepper combined with the dryness of the woody mid-notes additionally give Sauvage a sort of stylish powdery scent not found in BDC.
Second time I tested it on my pores and skin and for some cause it seems to react actually bad to my pores and skin and creates a disagreeable, harsh and bizarre smell. I can't wear the same scent that makes me scent like I think about Justin Beiber smells. Nothing in opposition to that little handsome snatch slayer. It's a delicious smelling crowd pleaser.
This is an ambroxan chemical scent very fragrant very highly effective so even for a person's cologne it is too robust! I would advise all men who buy this to spritz only as soon as even when it is in the back of your knee in order that the perfume wafts up or in a pulse point like your neck but that's it. It's not a bad scent and I do enjoy smelling it as I stroll next to the person that wears it. If it weren't for the ambroxan that dominates the scent the pepper would be doing it. There is aromatic lavender and candy geranium, and of course patchouli.
Users really exaggerate the similarities between this and bleu de chanel. A little bit of a testomony to BDC's personal sense of id. BDC is a lot more gentle than Sauvage, which is extra sharp and rough.
Dior in my experience does a far better job of making girls's fragrances than it does for men. The only stunning and wonderful unisex scent Dior ever made was Poison. Women loove this, each girl who has smelled this one liked it, and sincerely I don't get it. Yes is a pleasant scent however to me it does not do something spectacular that might make me assume it deserves that a lot consideration.
All these are heavy hitters by the best way. No surprise they named this perfume SAVAGE. Yeah it is attractive however it's not the type of sexiness that I equate with intercourse. I favor to odor softer scents to get close to a guy's skin. This is admirable but from a distance.